OVST machine vision applications can be used in conjunction an online education platform which we are developing.  This platform will support our users with online training with interactive tutorials, which user can learn from how to set up OVST hardware to create your own vision script or your own vision system without machine vision expert.

The OVST EdTech content example:

  • System overview
  • Basic operation setup
  • Problem and solve from real industrial experiences

In order to expand the OVST community, we are plan to create the OVST forums page for the people who interested in Machine Vision which they can exchange their knowledge and ask about OVST product which we will have OVST support to help you solve the problem.

Our machine vision products support a simulation mode in which they can run with simulated hardware such as cameras and robots.  This allows our customers to test the complete installation in a virtualized environment before transferring it straight to the production line. Thus making OVST the one-stop shop for a total machine vision solution.