2D & 3D Sensor

OVST offers a complete 2D&3D machine vision system for part inspection, measurement and location with high quality 2D&3D smart cameras.

  • OVST offers a complete 2D machine vision system for part inspection, measurement and location with high quality 2D smart cameras.

  • OVST laser-line sensors offer high accuracy laser scanning for industrial usage such as measurement, tracking, inspection, and welding processes.

  • OVST Gigabit ethernet cameras provide a high-speed transmission rate with resolutions up to 14 Megapixels.

  • OVST provide the MaxSensor which is smallest and lightest 3D camera on the market for automotive glazing applications.

Vision software

  • Combining 2D&3D vision technology, collaborative robots, deep learning and IoT Technology with McVision

  • McTracker is a software for robot welding guidance as it can measure and inspect accurately.

  • OVST supply the Glazer system which uses our innovative MaxSensor 3D camera to provide accurate robot guidance.

Universal Robot

OVST provides turnkey solutions, such as pick and place applications by combining OVST GigE cameras, machine vision applications like McVision and collaborative robots from Universal Robots.

EdTech training

OVST machine vision applications can be used in conjunction an online education platform which we are developing.  This platform will support our users with online training with interactive tutorials.

Our machine vision products support a simulation mode in which they can run with simulated hardware such as cameras and robots.  This allows our customers to test the complete installation in a virtualized environment before transferring it straight to the production line. Thus making OVST the one-stop shop for a total machine vision solution.

  • OVST EdTech is the training resource for machine vision user which can learn from online without any hardware required by using OVST Emulator.


As part of our Industry 4.0 drive, we are pushing to get all of our customers IIoT (Indus­trial Internet of Things) ready with the help of our partner Witly